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Welldeck semi-trailer with an axle unit of 3 or more axles. Our Welldeck range is engineered to carry an upwards of 50 tonnes payload and are built to your specifications.

This semi-trailer offers the advantage of transporting higher loads without the need for permit applications due to its low-slung deck. Certain equipment and machinery require this type of trailer due to their high centre of gravity or challenging dimensions. 

  • Weweler Air Suspension Standard but can be changed upon request
  • Bogie Hinges on the four-axle design to ensure that there is no lifting of the rear axles
  • Cambered Deck
  • Fixed/ Extendable/ Side-Shift floor
  • Modern and integrated Outrigger design

~Single or Double-Axle Dolly Optional


Longer and wider Trailers can be built to carry out specialized jobs. Any trailer that falls outside of the parameters set out by the TRH11 is classified as abnormal.